Do I need a scan?

This is a question often asked either before or during physiotherapy assessment and/or treatment . The short answer is no but let me explain. It is natural to think that

Christmas Holidays

Seasons Greetings! We are planning to take some well earned time off over the festive period after a busy 2022. Our office is closed from 17th December 2022 and we

Do I need an MRI?

This is a common question from many people attending our clinic. The answer is sometimes easy and sometimes not.

Osteoporosis Ireland

Weight loss & osteoporosis

People often ask about what the best diet is if you have osteoarthritis. The answer is that there is no one diet that exacerbates osteoarthritis.

What exercise is safe for osteoarthritis

Feed up with people telling you what is a good exercise for osteoarthritis or not? Well this is a easy scientific way of looking at which exercises might suit you and how to go about doing it.

Pain in cold weather

Every wonder why you might feel sorer when it is cold outside? Check out this infographic and it might help explain why! Enjoy!

Stand up paddle board mayo

Stand-up paddle boarding!

What a great way to exercise and get to places. It just goes to show that exercise can be taken in many different forms.

Home-based exercises

Home-based exercises

For people recovering from COVID or carers of people recovering from COVID here are come guidelines from our society to help expedite your physical recovery.

Lower back pain

As everybody knows lower back pain is a very sore. However like any ache, sprain or injury it takes time and patience for it to return to normal.

The benefits of Exercise

Stay active guys!

The benefits of exercise during this crazy time. Stay active guys!

Covid 19 County Mayo

Covid crisis update

Steps to follow for attending physiotherapy appointment in the Mayo Medical Centre.